4 Jewels in My Crown

So what is this book about? 4Jewels is based on my teaching style over the years: my sheer delight in educating and raising our children, places we went, things we did, and subjects and life lessons we learnt as we travelled the road of life to the glory of God.

After 21 years of home educating our three children, I am thrilled to announce to you that this exciting book is now available, find it on Amazon.com.

Life is full of many amazing journeys, and home educating is one of them. 4 Jewels in My Crown is the story of Marann Jones’ experiences with teaching her children at home, the struggles and joys she and her husband faced and embraced along the way, and most of all, how her family’s faith and trust in God gave them the courage and resolution to persevere in the face of an unknown path.

Within the pages of this part-memoir, part-instructive narrative are thoughts on curriculum, and a biblical approach to education, interspersed liberally throughout with personal recollections and anecdotes, aimed at delighting and encouraging any who are interested in the wonderful privilege of home education.