Jenna Stringer

Was able to read in one setting which is wonderful with four small children. Easy to navigate, browse and flip through for future reference. I appreciate that it is Christ centered and His message was consistent throughout book. The author is very humble, giving praise and credit to her husband as well as other parents and professionals who offered their assistance. It was straight to the point loaded with insightful ideas, concepts I had not considered.

I am honestly very encouraged and hopeful that I will also be able to accomplish much of what this author was able to with her family. I also appreciate her honesty when she states it was not always easy. She is realistic about the challenges. Was hoping for a bit more detail as to how to structure and schedule teaching and instruction times, but again it was nice to have a straightforward book full of creative and interactive ideas. God’s timing is perfect for the publication of this book as I prepare to home school my children this upcoming year. (From