The Stannett Family

Thank you Marann for your wonderfully interesting and inspirational book ‘Four Jewels In My Crown’. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the amazing journey your family has been on and of your trust in the Lord for direction each step of the way, your perseverance and hard work which has borne fruit! I was inspired by your desire to have God’s word as your ‘foundation for education and of life’ and how you encouraged your children in their personal reading, as well as family Bible instruction and in practical application. I loved the reminder in the hatching of the eggs you incubated that Salvation is fully of God and not ourselves!

It’s a challenge to help our children make good choices and lead productive lives in this technological age with so many distractions. I loved how you developed a healthy, balanced, yet flexible schedule involving arts and crafts, nature studies, sports, music and service along side the more academic subjects. The inclusion of poems, pictures, diary entries and art work meant I could share parts of your book with my children. A useful practical tip I gleaned from you was to keep their hands busy whilst reading to them to help their concentration! It was a blessing to see you in Yorkshire this year and see how Esther has flourished as a person and in her gifting of writing, music and teaching (our 6 year old learnt to play scrabble well in one evening under her patient direction)!

May your book be a blessing to many! Thank you and God Bless You and your lovely family in this new season of your lives, as you abide him, may you continue to bear fruit for His Glory (John 15) With love from, The Stannett family xoxox