Welcome to the 4 Jewels Book Website

This website is for any parent interested in Home Educating their children or are already in the thick of Home Education and would like to ask questions of me.

I found your book to be well written. It is clear and very understandable. I think it will be most valuable to those who are considering home schooling. It will be of especial interest to those who are planning to home school for religious reasons. You have given ample testimony for those particular parents.

If those who adhere to your precepts and pay attention to the fine detail and the discipline that you have observed and that you have outlined, their children will benefit from a thorough, comprehensive education.

What you have shared will enable parents of the Christian persuasion as well those of no religious persuasion to successfully educate their children.


It’s a fascinating memoir about her family’s journey through different education systems to finally arriving at home education. Drawing on her journals and sometimes the children’s she plots the course of their adventure – the ups & downs, problems and amazing providences of God. And answered prayer because God is very central in all she writes and teaches along with Derek. She appends a summary of resources she used.

I guess I enjoyed it most because I know them all – although I haven’t seen Esther, Nathan & Caleb for many years I loved reading about their growing years, seeing photos of their art & science projects, their music – all graduated from college now.

I think it’s worth a read even if you’ve chosen another path to the Joneses…as Derek (the fourth jewel) writes: “We understand that you, dear reader may have chosen a different course for education than the home educating path we were led to in God’s purposes for us….Please understand therefore that what you find here is our perspective, based on our conviction of heart in our journey. May you know the blessing of God even if the details of your own journey turn out differently.”

Wendy Williams